Our massages are also available with Sothys cream, medicinal cream in different scents and magnesium concentrate.

  •  Full-body massage (50 minutes)

Relaxing massage for the tired muscles

  • Massage with SOTHYS products (50 minutes)

Moisturizing cream, oil or wax combined with three different scents: lemon tree- bitter orange tree leaves; orange flowers-cedar-musk; vanilla-sandalwood

  • Partial massage (25 minutes)

It is intended to thoroughly move the back, neck and shoulders

  • Foot reflex zone massage (25 minutes)

It is intended to detoxificate the organism through the reflex points

  • Hot Stone-massage (90 minutes)

A special massage technique done by hot basalt stones and essential oils

  • Tibetan facial massage (25 minutes)

Aimed at the complete recreation of the face and the brain

  • Salt massage (50 minutes)

Massage and body scrub with salt and herbal oils

  • SOTHYS Gourmand body treatment (75 minutes)

Peeling and soothing massage with enchanting smell

  • Full-body massage with cupping (50 minutes)

It is intended to remove cellulite and to restore physical and mental freshness.

  • Aroma wrapping with the product line „Wiener Kosmetikum” (90 minutes)

An entirely natural and extraordinary efficient body treatment system to reach a body size reduction of up to 10 cm and to lose weight on the body part you want and to have a beutified skin at the same time. The aromatherapy wrapping method is recommended for everyone who is unsatisfied with his/her figure. Furthermore it is suitable for removing cellulite, smoothing the skin, minimizing the stretch marks and striaes and tightening the loose skin.


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