Dental Implants

Tooth implantation. What is it?


In the event of loosing one or more teeth, dental surgeons tend to implant tissue-friendly replacement roots (implant) which allow the fixing of removable prostheses and the preparation of fixed prostheses (bridges). These excellent quality supports implanted in the jaw bone form the stable structure of the new prosthesis. The majority of them are made from titanium. Today’s implants are all harmless to the human body and are manufactured according to international quality standards. In general, tooth implantation is not subject to age. Implantation requires sufficient amount and quality of bone in the jaw bone. In the event of significant absence of the bone, bone restructuring is also an alternative. In this case, the patient's own bone is also used in addition to the artificial bone substitutes. Sinus lifting operations are also performed in our surgery.

What are the benefits of implantation?

  • Immobile, fixed prosthesis can be prepared compared to removable prostheses (in case of appropriate number of implants).
  • The sweet and new smile provides a better quality of life and a renewed self-confidence in the private, social and professional endeavours.
  • Stable teeth have a positive effect on pronounciation and the sensation of tastes.
  • More often than not, adjacent and healthy teeth do not need to be ground down.
  • The advanced deterioration of the bone in the jaw bone can be prevented by implantation.
  • Positive aesthetic effect on the facial expression.
  • You may completely get rid of the stress caused by the removable prosthesis.
  • Over 95% of the implants last longer than 10 years.

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