Prosthetic treatments

Metallic ceramic crowns

A metal coup is poured on the ground tooth which is then covered with tooth coloured ceramics. This ceramics completely obscures the metal making it look aesthetic. Producing this metal cap from any precious metal complies with the strictest standards of biocompatibility and aesthetics. These crowns are stable and long-lasting; the ceramic crown cover is colour-fast and offers a high aesthetic value.


Metal-free ceramic crown

If the ground tooth is not given a metal cup but is completely made of ceramics, than it is referred to as metal-free or all ceramic crown. As no metal is present and ceramics itself is highly permeable to light, it conforms to high aesthetic standards. Today, this is the most perfect, biocompatible and aesthetic prosthesis.


Electroplated gold crown

Not only pouring is available to mount a metal cup on the ground tooth stump, but the so-called gold electroplating too. This produces an extremely thin (only 0.2 mm) cap made from pure gold which is covered with ceramics. The crowns so prepared are outstandingly accurate and the yellow golden base provides a lively colour effect.


Depending on the position of the remaining teeth, dentists have various possibilities to eliminate spaces. Bridges are a dental prosthesis which fixes the replacing dentures to the adjacent remaining ones. Crowns with a ceramic cover always have a metal base called a metal structure. It can be made from precious metals (being the most perfect) or non-precious metals. The ceramic cover sits on the metal base making it look aesthetically pleasing. The metal structure gives the crown its stability and long life.

Combined metal plate prostheses

In the event of the significant absence of the molars, a combination of fixed and removable prostheses is applied. Front teeth are supplied with a crown on which the special precision retainers are positioned to accommodate the removable metal plate with the dentures. The attachment of the removable part is not visible from the outside which is beneficial to the patient.


Full metal plate prostheses and dentures

They are prepared when there are no teeth in the jaw bone. The valve effect of the mucous membrance, the capillary pressure, the biting pressure and gravity are used for fixing. It is generally made from plastic and it consists of the base plate, the artificial gingival and the artificial teeth.

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