Special body treatments

Compared to other techniques on the market LPG® Endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative: it combats the unpleasant physical syptoms (wrinkles, loose skin, lingering, resistant fat depositions, cellulitis, etc.) by stimulating the sleeping skin cells.

The mechanical stimulation of the cells called Endermologie® awakens the cells in a natural and painless way.

LPG® has been producing their modern devices for more than 30 years which are used by men and women for whom health is important. In full conformity with the healthy way of living we recommend you to make use of Endermologie® treatments for the same purpose as the one of following a healthy diet or doing regular exercises.

The stimulus sent to the cells maximises their potential as a „helping hand”.

When Endermologie® becomes part of the way of living, it means that you have decided for an intelligent, responsible and healthy life, and that you would like to preserve the youthfulness of your body and face against the effects of time.

The patent LPG® treatment head works with micro-pulsations on the whole surface of the face and the neck as well thus giving it a real workout.

This unique, painless stimulation works by a gentle peeling and provides the tissues with oxygen as well as activates the micro circulation fast to achieve an even skin tone.

The tired, sallow facial skin will be revitalised again.

This treatment cannot replace a regular cosmetic treatment.


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